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I have submitted this application for the purpose of obtaining assistance in securing permanent, temporary, or contract employment. I understand that I will never be charged a fee by Simply Staffing, Inc. I acknowledge that the use of this form, and my filling it out, does not indicate that any positions are open, nor does it obligate Simply Staffing, Inc. to further process my application. I certify as to the accuracy of the matters set forth herein and understand that any misstatement of fact may cause me to be refused employment or lose my employment. I hereby authorize Simply Staffing, Inc. to make such investigations and inquiries into my employment and educational history and other related matters as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I hereby release employers, schools, businesses, individuals, services and other entities listed by me in this form. Furthermore, I authorize Simply Staffing, Inc. to release any reference information to clients who request such information for purposes of evaluating my credentials and qualifications. If employed as a temporary or contract employee, I understand that I will be an employee of Simply Staffing, Inc. and not of any client. If employed, I further understand that my employment is not guaranteed for any specific time and may be terminated at any time for any reason. I further understand that a contract exists between Simply Staffing, Inc. and each client to whom I may be assigned. I agree to notify my Simply Staffing Inc, supervisor immediately should I be offered direct employment by a client, either for a permanent, temporary (including assignments through another agency), or consulting positions during my assignment or after my assignment has ended. Furthermore, I will not handle cash or other valuables of any client without the prior written consent of my Simply Staffing, Inc. Under no circumstances will I transport cash, negotiable, or other valuables. Please take a moment to review your application. Indicate that you have read the above statement by entering your initials in the box below. To complete this application, click on the Submit button.